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February 23 – 2022: Current corona measures in indoor sports locations

The actual situation is that during your stay in The Netherlands there are no mandatory measures except (at least until evaluation on March 15)

  • wearing a face mask in public transport (so also in busshuttle, at the airport, and during airport transport etc.)


For everyone's safety, the LOC advises all participants and visitors to:

  • Wear face masks where (advised) keeping distance might not be possible
  • Do a self test before coming to the venue
  • Do not come to the venue when having symptoms, and not having done a (self) test
  • Follow the basic advices everybody is aware of. 

The LOC takes care of

  • Sanitary gel at the entrance of the competition hall and the training hall
  • Screens between the judges
  • Regular cleaning of spotter mats (and of sanitary)
  • Availability of Liquid gel (for sale), not using traditional magnesium
  • More distance during the welcome/information meeting (different location; stretch/relax hall, 2nd 2
  • And more

Tourism Information

Alkmaar has all the perks of being a city, but on top of that it's close to the sea, and close to some beautiful typically Dutch 'Polders'.Dutch Trampoline Open

The Dutch Trampoline Open 2022 program:


Parking places around the venue: