Dutch Trampoline Open

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Photo's and video's of the Dutch Trampoline Open 2022 will be online shortly!

Thanks so much to everyone who made the 2022 edition a big success!

18.03.2022 - 20.03.2022

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Countdown to the start of the 2024 Dutch Trampoline Open!

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Tournament equipment for sale

If you are interested in the price list; contact us at president@dutchtrampolineopen.com

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Get an impression of the Dutch Trampoline Open by looking at this aftermovie of the previous edition in 2018:

Our competition

The third Dutch Trampoline Open will be organized 19th and 20th March of 2022. We will be hosting three competition events.


  • Individual competition
  • Synchronized competition
  • Team competition

Training camp

Do you want the perfect preparation for the Dutch Trampoline Open? Our purpose built trampoline gym will be available for a training camp in the week leading up to the competition as well as the week after.


  • We offer training camps in our gym
  • Custom built for trampoline
  • Before or after the Dutch Trampoline Open


2022 FLYER

Did you see our flyer already? It contains the most necessary information about the 2022 Dutch Trampoline Open.

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