Training camp at our purpose built trampoline gym

In preparation to the Dutch Trampoline Open we open up our gym to all delegations who would like to have the perfect preparation to the Dutch Trampoline Open. You can do one or two trainings per day, which can be booked on the registration form (services).

This might be especially suited for delegations traveling great distances or timezones, in order to get rid of your jetlag before the competition starts.

We have a team of 15 top-level trampolinists at our club who will partly train with you.

We have a limited number of places available, but please let us know all your wishes, because it’s our goal to meet all of your needs and give you an optimal preparation for the Dutch Trampoline Open as well as a week of learning and improving your (athlete’s) skill.


Train with our team or alone

Maybe you and your athletes would like to learn from others. We encourage this kind of training, as our athletes will surely only benefit.



In your preferred timeslots, we will make sure that all of your athletes are never with more than 4 athletes at any given time on a Eurotramp Ultimate trampoline.


Strength and conditioning

You can use the strength and conditioning room of the trampoline gym.



There are a lot of great things to do in and around Alkmaar. Why not make the most of your stay and visit some of the region highlights? See: competition info – tourism.


Service package

Options: one or two trainings sessions per day, with or without additional lunch and/or transportation. Special requests also possible.


Transportation and accommodation

Shuttle hotel-venue available, and for accommodation we negotiated the same conditions as during the Dutch Trampoline Open (see Directives).

Impression video of training