Online Registration Program

Time table regarding your registration

Definitive registration ends December 31.

All athletes, pairs, teams, judges, coaches and services have to be registered. Other delegation members may be registered in the “wishes or announcement” field.

After this date you are only allowed to change names and are obliged to add FIG license numbers, fill out (and print for your convenience) competition cards, give us your flight schedule and hotel information (all latest January 31)

Nominative registration ends January 31

After that, no alterations can be made in the module any more (you will have to let us know separately by email at or latest together with your accreditation in the Competition Office when arriving in Alkmaar)

Download User Manual for the registration!!

Did you miss the deadline or is the registration closed earlier because of maximum capacity? Let us know (  and we will place you on our waiting list (and keep you informed).