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Competition Rules

Download PDF file of competition rules
Age Group Competitions will be staged in conjunction with the senior competition.

Age Group competition:

1. 11 – 12 years old in the year of competition
2. 13 – 14 years old in the year of competition
3. 15 – 16 years old in the year of competition
4. 17 – 21 years old in the year of competition

Senior competition:

5. Seniors: 17+

Parts of the competition

Individual competition
C01 11-12 year old boys
C02 11-12 year old girls
C03 13-14 year old boys
C04 13-14 year old girls
C05 15-16 year old boys
C06 15-16 year old girls
C07 17-21 year old boys
C08 17-21 year old girls
C09 Seniors 17+ Men
C10 Seniors 17+ Women

Synchronized competition
C11 11-12 year old boys
C12 11-12 year old girls
C13 13-14 year old boys
C14 13-14 year old girls
C15 15-16 year old boys
C16 15-16 year old girls
C17 17-21 year old boys
C18 17-21 year old girls
C19 Seniors 17+ 2003 and before; Men
C20 Seniors 17+ 2003 and before; Women

Team competition (mixed)
C30 11-16 year old age group team (C01-C06)
C31 Senior team 2003 and before (C07-C10)

Competition Rules

The FIG Code of Points for Trampoline Gymnastics will be followed;
6.1 The starting order for the Qualifying Round will be decided by a draw.
6.2 In Trampoline Individual and Trampoline Synchronized, the Qualifying Round will consist of 1 (one) voluntary routine with free elements and special requirements and 1 (one) voluntary routine (including difficulty).

For difficulty in all disciplines §18.1 of the FIG Code of Points will apply.

In Individual competition parts of the Age Group Competition there will be following limitations to the difficulty in a single element:
11-12 years: 1.5 pts 13-14 years: 1.7 pts 15-16 years: 1.8 pts 17-21 years: 1.8 pts
* For 11-12 years old, triple somersaults are prohibited
* For all age groups, quadruple somersaults are prohibited
Any abuse of this rule will result in the disqualification of the gymnast.
No gymnast shall compete in other than his/her age-group
In synchronised competition, the age of the older gymnast determines the age group in which the pair must enter.

The gymnasts/pairs with the 8 (eight) best scores from the Qualifying Round will go forward to the Finals. In addition the host club will be allowed to set up one gymnast in both Senior Open categories C09 and C10 in case that it is not represented. Such “Wild Card Gymnasts” must have participated in the qualification. “Wild Card Gymnasts” will be able to receive medals and prize money. If there are 10 gymnasts/pairs or less in a Competition part: only 70% will compete in the finals. If there are 3 gymnast/pairs or less in a Competition part: all will compete in the finals.

If there are 5 gymnasts/pairs or less in the finals, the scores of the preliminary will be added to the finals scores.


* Team Competition:
Each club can enter two junior teams and two senior teams. Each team consists of either 3 or 4 athletes. The club or federation can decide which athletes will be in each of their teams. After the preliminary round, the five best teams go through to the finals.

In all categories medals will be available for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place in ranking.
In Team categories: complementary trophies will be available for each team that makes the podium.

In C09 and C10 prize money will be available:
1st € 250,–
2nd € 150,–
3rd € 100,–
See PDF of the competition rules